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May 17th - 15 Days in New York

A Day of Princesses

This morning I found a sad scene out on the street. I was walking back to my apartment and found more trash. But this time a little girl had grown up and throw out her Princess Toy Box. It was a sad site:


After I got over the fact that all little girls have to grow up and throw out their dreams of being princesses, I went to visit my friend Karen, who lives in another part of Brooklyn. Even though on the map it says it only about 20 miles away from me, it takes me and hour and a half to get to her on the subway. It's crazy.

Here's me and my feet waiting for the subway to come.


I love riding the subway. I'm not sure if I've told you that but I do! It's one of my favorite parts of New York. There are so many characters on it.

This is me blowing a bubble on the subway!



I meet up with Karen and her two friends Jane, and Holly. We went strolling in a park called Sunset Park and than went to get snacks to munch on.

Here's Karen strolling in the park...by the way, this is the highest park in Brooklyn so you can see everything. All of the city and the Statue of Liberty! It was a great view. (Wish you could have been with us Jess!)


Here's us eating our snacks at Karen's apartment. We had a good time. They were really sweet and fun girls! (Makes me miss mine back home!)


I have a dumb look on my face, but what can you do.

After snacks Karen said she wanted to craft. So in memory of the princess toy box, I brought over those old fashion felt coloring things. Do you remember those? They were great. So we colored for a bit.


I started the day with Princesses, I ended the day with Princesses. Here's my finished product of my drawing! Nice UH!?


Love from New York!!

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May 14th - 12 DAYS HERE!



Alright. So I thought for this addition to the blog I would show you where I work.

The office is connected to the photographers apartment in Chinatown.

See the blue "80" sign that's the building I work in! YAY! so exciting...


This is the actual office, it's very organized (I love that) and it's really big considering it's part of his apartment and of course considering New York real-estate.


Here's the computer I work at everyday, and there's me in front of it! I don't know if I'm really adding to the picture.


Today after work I got to go with Chris to attend a FIT (Fashion Institute and Technology - It's a college) portfolio review. It reminded me a lot of ours at AiC but ours was WAY better, and I feel our photography program is better too. But what can you do. Chris was a judge that looked at a lot of students work. I got to watch and listen to what he said. It was interesting be on the other side of the critique.

On the way there, we both rode the subway together. We got off and Chris saw this picture of Kathy Griffin; someone had cut off her head and turned it upside-down. It was pretty funny. He wanted to take a picture of it, and I took a picture of him! So here's the photographer I work for! In living color!


After the review I had to pick up a camera for Chris to use on the shoot tomorrow. After I hailed my FIRST CAB!!! I was so excited! I saw this HUGE pile of garbage on the side of the road. It's funny to see it there, b/c this was a really nice part of New York. The trash is just EVERYWHERE!


That was my day in New York. Tomorrow I go on my first photo shoot. I'll let you know how it goes!

(DAD: you better be reading these now! :) xoxo)

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10 Days Here! (This is new!) May 12

Work & NYU Portfolio Reveiw


Thanks for coming back! Sorry for the confusion with the dates. This really is 10 days here. (I was wrong about Days 8 & 9 - if you haven't seen those blog's yet check em out! Their good, and they don't want to be left out)

So today was my third day of my internship with Chris. Nothing too exciting happens while I'm at my internship, but I did have to go run some errands today, and while I was at the post office I found something rather strange! I'm going to share it with you!

Standing in line at a post office right in the middle of Chinatown, not only was I the tallest person in line, but I was the only white person. It was funny. :)

...not the point...while standing there, I spotted these signs that were posted ALL OVER the post office:


It says "NO SPITTING"! It was awesome. It just made me wonder if people in that area like to spit in post offices. Does anyone have the answer to this one? I'd love to hear it. Email me: dawson.jesse@gmail.com

After work, I met up with one of the guys I live with at an NYU (New York University) Portfolio Review. It's where all the students get to show off their thesis work. WOW was it amazing! There were so many people there:


And all the students had amazing projects. There are some very very smart kids at that school! It was incredible to be in the same room as so many intelligent people! Wow!

Here are some of my favorite projects I found there.

There was a Virtual Foosball table...the kid rigged everything up so you can kick the air and it makes your ball move on the screen! Crazy HUH!?


This guy made Handbags that communicated with each other. And if you have one, and you walk by another one on the street, they say stuff to each other. If you plug in head phones you can hear what they say. Some were very funny! Depending on what type of handbag it was they would say different things! Such a cute idea!


This one was probably my favorite; this guy did some crazy programing so that when you call a certain number with your cell phone, a movie comes onto the projector and if you press 1 or 2 you get to control the scene and what takes place in the movie. It's amazing! It could be the future of movies! What if we all got to pick our own endings from our cell phones!

This is me on MY OWN cell phone, making my own ending to the movie:


It was great.

Afterwards I went out with Martin (a guy I live with) and his girlfriend Kelly. We got hamburgers! YAY!

That's all folks!

Love you all!

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9 Days Here!

Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day!
(Love you mom! does it seem like my mom's the only one that gets little messages, I'll start shouting out other people!)

Today was a little calmer. I'm trying to rest my knee! It's feeling a bit better.

But I did go to Manhattan and see the Manhattan Bridge, on my way to see a friend of friend, Karen!

Here's the Manhattan Bridge:


It's beautiful. And right next to it is the Brooklyn Bridge, they live close:


This is me right underneath the Manhattan Bridge on the Manhattan side:


I met up with Karen and her friends who were all playing kick ball at a local park. I wish I could have played but that darn knee of mine...(I'm resting it now Blake xo)

So I stood around and took pictures for them, and I did meet some really nice people. Her friends are great.

Did I ever mention I really like taking pictures of my feet!? I want to do a whole photo series on it!

Here's my feet in the dug out of the kick ball field:


Tomorrow I go back to my internship.

Thanks again for reading! Love ya!

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8th Day Here! (sorry 9 wasn't right)

The search for the post office


Hello all!

May 10:

Today I spent most of my day in search of a post office. Josh and I went all around the city trying to find one.
On our way there I found a few things:

The first was the intersection of Broadway and Park Place! For all of you Monopoly fans out there...it was a big deal.

Here is the street signs of both. Their kinda tiny, but their there.


The second thing I found was Madison Square Garden:

Here I am throwin up a basket and fadin away! :) My "fade away" everyone:


The last thing I found was the Empire State Building. I've got to say, it's not too exciting during the day, but it's very pretty at night, all lit up!


At the end of the day, we found the post office!!!

It was the biggest post office I've ever seen, I guess it's the main one for all of New York.


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