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June 1 - It's been 30 days!

This is a random entry with a few days in it!


It's a new MONTH! Welcome June!

So I haven't written in about a week, so I'm going to cover what I've done within the last few days. I hope everyone is okay with that.

Here we go...

So I went to my internship on Tuesday and Wednesday. Than I went on a photo shoot with Chris on Thursday.

I had to pick up the camera again in the morning, and I found another fun thing on the side of the road. I find such interesting things on the street.

I guess they are just cleaning up after Christmas, 6 months later!!


Chris was shooting a band named Hold Steady, a 5 member group, for Maxim magazine. It was a BIG shoot. He had 2 other assistants there, a makeup artist, the art director from Maxim, the band, their manager, 2 prop stylists...LOTS of people there. I counted over 20 people just for the shoot.

We photographed in a garage with a great looking car!


I couldn't photograph it with the band in it...b/c that's Chris's job...and illegal for me to do it. :( but It's a cool car huh!? Here's some of the lights we had set up.


The garage was pretty fancy, they had a great ton of nice cars in there. Here's one they had finished working on and were towing away... a nice little Lamborghini. Dang!


The photo shoot was fun, stressful, and quite a learning experience. It was great to be there. I took in a lot.

I came home that night, exhausted! and my roommate, Pete, had cooked dinner! It was really nice. We sat down with his girlfriend and ate a really yummy eggplant dinner. It was first time eating eggplant. I LOVED IT! I'm going to have to eat it again!

P5260003.jpg(his girlfriend, Martha, is closing her eyes!...oops.)

The next day was Friday and Pete hadn't paid the internet bill! I can't find my way around this place called New York without the internet and directions! So I had to find an internet cafe. (thanks for the directions Blaker)

He led me to a cute cafe in Greenwich Village.


I found internet and found directions. I also found out I like Snapple Ice Tea. Usually I HATE ice tea. But I ordered wrong at the cafe and got an ice tea. Who knew it was pretty good!


That's me and the ice tea.

That night, Sex and the City, the movie came out! I was so excited. I have loved that show ever since it came out and now I was in New York to see the movie premier! I went to see the movie with my friend Karen and some of her friends from work. 4 of us girls! It was prefect (except Katie wasn't there to watch with me :( ) I meet them in Harlem. It was my first trip up to Harlem. Quite an interesting place. I did find the Apollo!


The theater we watched the movie at was called Magic Theater, after Magic Johnson, the BBall Star! It was funny.


I LOVED the movie! So cute.

Saturday rolled around....

I've been trying to find these street performers that I saw my first week here (their actually in this blog on one of the first entries!) b/c I want to photograph them for my series "Head Stacking" (the one where I stack people's heads like totem polls) they would be great for it. But I can't seem to find them! I get up and walk down to Battery Park, (this is the park at the very end of Manhattan, where you can take the Staten Island Ferry) a walk I've taken about 4 times now, b/c these street performers are never around when I think they will be.

On my way there I pass the famous Bull on Broadway. There were so many people around it on Saturday! Craziness.


So I got to the park at 10 and no street performers! This is where they are supposed to be...with a hundred people gathered around...but no one was in site.


But I was determined today! I needed to take some pictures. So I waited....

Here's me waiting.


After an hour of waiting. I got up and walked around. I found some pretty cool stuff.

Just off towards the water there's this great little pier area.


Lot's of pretty trees and a great view of the other side of New York.


There was this big stair case there, so you could see everything from above. Here's my shadow on the stair case.


After 2 hours of waiting, I finally found the street performers!!! YES!! and they were very nice, talented, funny, guys and one girl. They make a lot of money each day and perform every day of the week. They posed for me for an hour or so. I'll show you those photos once I've re-touched them.

I than walked up to the Manhattan Bridge to watch Karen play kickball. She plays every Sunday and I've gone a few times to watch and chat with the people from her team. It's a great time, and I meet some great people.

Today I meet a very drunk man! He was totally gone...wasted, (Carey you were there!) and just lying on the steps in front of the kickball field. It was hilarious! I took some photos of him. He kept getting up and talking to himself and than just falling back down on the steps. He was quite entertaining.


Here's me watching the drunk guy...and kickball.


Wow that was a long one. But it was a whole week, what do you expect. He He.

I hope you liked!!


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May 25 - A Great 23rd Day

Full of Street Fairs!

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is having a great time.

Yesterday was a lot of fun for me. I heard about this little activity going on at the South Street Seaport. It was a tug-a-war between the Navy and the Marines for Fleet Week! Yes Fleet Week is still on!

So I made my way to South Street Seaport. It was a nice pier area, with lots of people, shops and food.


But what I really wanted to see was the tug-o-war. I am truly a competitive person. If I can't be in the tug-o-war my second choice would be to watch! I loved it.

There was a big crowd and a long rope at first.


Than they announced the 4 teams that would be competing. I guess in REAL tug-o-war your supposed to start on the ground, so that both teams have to jump up and start pulling.


Than they have at it!


I was betting that Marines would win it. They all looked like men on steroids (which might have been true) and the Navy didn't look as big. But apparently weeks out at sea on this boats really builds some strength b/c the Navy won! GO USA NAVY!

Than I walked along the pier, it had a great view of Brooklyn. I decided that I've showed so many pictures of New York City, that I had to show a little love to the city I'm actually residing in! It's Brooklyn! I actually really like Brooklyn. Here it is...along with it's 125 year old bridge.


Oh and me...

Than I found a lovely little chair over looking the pier and sat and wrote for a bit. It was great. The weather was beautiful and the view was amazing. A nice little spot.


And my feet were there too! :)

This is just a cool reflection of me and Brooklyn again...I thought I would share!


Than, taking my mothers advice (thanks mama!) I went and took a gander at an area called Greenwich Village. I loved this part of the city. It's so strange how you can visit New York for days and still not see all the hidden communities it has. And they are all SO different, even though they share one island. WILD!

Greenwich Village was a cool area, with lots of great shops, people and buildings. Here I could see the very tip of the Empire State building!


I also ran upon a street fair. That's another thing I love about New York, there is art EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you turn, there's another artist setting up shop.


This guys clocks were my favorite of the whole fair! They had so many different parts and gizmos. I wish I could have bought one.


After that...my favorite part of the day came...I got to see Cameran! YAY! Blake's brother, Cameran is in town for a choir trip, they are seeing a bunch of Broadway shows. So jealous! But I got to see him for about 12 minutes in between shows. We meet on 42nd and 7th where there was another HUGE HUGE street fair happening. They closed down the whole block. We ate a funnel cake together!


I love that kid!

So I decided that all my favorite foods are street fair foods. Funnel cake, hot dogs, lemonade, shish kebabs, ice cream, caramel apples, corn, crepes, YUMMY! I love it all! I am going to just start eating at street fairs and no where else!


That was my day! and a great one at that.

I leave you with one last thing....

Did I mention Fleet Week is kinda a big deal here...


...her husband must have been a little upset! :)


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May 24th - 22 Days I've lived here!

Fleet Week!


So I'm sure you've all heard of this little thing that happens in New York every year. Well for those who haven't heard...it's called Fleet Week. Where a bunch of Navy ships dock in Manhattan and sailors take over the city for 7 days. Did I mention that they are everywhere!!! EVERYWHERE, and people love them! Why wouldn't they...their sailors. But everyone wants their picture with a fresh, nicely dressed sailor.


So today I went to see one of the ships that docked. It was advertised that you could go aboard and look around. I was excited to see a real navy ship. That big hunk of steal!

Oh my way there can you believe who I ran into...



Here's the ship. Grand thing it is.


But the grander thing of it was the line to get onto it! I kid you not, it was 3 or 4 BLOCKS long.

Here's proof:


See all those people. So I made a fantastic decision and decided not to stand in it. I did get to walk around Pier 90. It was fun.

After I gave up on the big ship, I decided to go get something to eat and make my way up to Central Park to read.

I found two big beautiful buildings on my way there. I sat and ate on the steps of Columbus Circle, and towering over me was the Time Warner Buildings.


I love that they are all glass.

I ate my pizza!


The street scene from Columbus Circle are great. You can see all the way down 8th Ave. A sea of taxis!


After my yummy pizza, I read in Central Park, and my camera decided to run out of batteries! :(

So I'll have more later!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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May 22nd - 20 Days Here

I did LOTS today!


Hello again! Thanks so much for being interested in my blog! I love ya for it.

So today I did quite a bit. I started out by walking downtown Manhattan. I went to see Ground Zero. A pretty somber place. There was this nice memorial up...


It was sad to see where the buildings used to be. It really made me wish I had seen them before they were gone. Right now there is just big holes where they are doing construction for the new buildings:


This is the building they are using as the World Trade Center until the new ones are finished in 2012 (wow! to think it will be 2012 in 4 years! Crazy)


Then I ventured into the World Finance Center. This is where all the money is I'm assuming!


It's so big, they were able to grow palm trees in the middle of it! He He


One of the best parts of my day was eating at the fanciest MacDonalds I've ever seen! It was wild!


There was flowers on every table and a guy playing a grand piano!


After that, I found the Trump Tower. Go Donald!



Later at night, I meet up with Josh. I found out it's the Brooklyn Bridges 125th Birthday this weekend! Happy Birthday! So they shot off fireworks over the bridge and lit it up nice and pretty. It's getting pretty old...125, but she still looks like she's 30! :)

They were supposed to set off the fireworks at 9 o'clock, but someone jumped the gun and set them off at 8:50! This is Josh and I running to catch them.


I don't know if everyone knows this about me...but I LOVE fireworks!! LOVE them! I was so happy to see them. And over the bridge with the city in the background, it was quite the site. Unforgettable. One of the best nights I've had in New York...just b/c I got to see some magical fireworks.


It's a little blurry, sorry, but you can see the bridge underneath, and make out all the people standing there watching. Everyone came outside to see. Well the fireworks sounded like bombs going off, so that could have been another reason to draw people out of their houses! EXPLOSIONS.

They kept lighting off this one particular firework...the heart! Can you see it? It's red and turned on it's side...but it's there!

So cute...

That was a lot. Sorry! Hope you didn't get bored!

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May 21th - 19 Days Here

A Day of ART!


Hello there!

Today was an adventure! I headed into Manhattan and went to the Chelsea area, to find some galleries. BOY did I find some galleries. They are all over around that area, which isn't surprising, that's what it's known for!

But before I got there...I found something a bit unnerving. I think the HULK melted and went down into the New York City sewer system.


It was funny.

So then I went a walking and ran into some amazing art. Almost every gallery I walked into had some incredible artist up. It was great.

There was one gallery showing pieces from an artist who makes animal sculptures from all tire pieces! I ran into that gallery trying to get out of the rain!

This is what the area looks like, lots of cool gallery spaces, right next to construction sites!


The inside of the buildings are great too!


This was one of my favorites. It was prints on slides of intersections of the human body. There were so many that when put together you could tell it was a body. It was crazy.


This is me and the human body...


This was another cool artist. He combined a lot of household objects into his paintings...like toothbrushes and oven mits!

P5210023.jpg (can you spot the oven mit?)

Oh goodness. Than there was this one piece. Here's how it happened....

I was walking along a street and found one of the galleries my ex-teacher Angie told me to go to (THANKS Angie!) called the PaceWildenstein. So I opened the door, and I almost fell over from what I saw. This HUGE mother and child sculpture made out of...get ready people...COW HIDE! I almost threw up. But I couldn't stop looking at it. It was so amazing. So well done. You could actually see the expression and emotion on the mothers face, even though it was all cow hide! COW HIDE! so I wasn't allowed to take pictures so here's a better one a professional took, just so you can see how crazy it was.


Isn't it wild.

So after all the galleries, I worked my way over to see the FlaiIron Building...and on my way, I saw the fanciest Home Depot ever! (It reminded me of your family Blaker!) It could very well have been a Ritz Carlton!


And last but not least I went to see the Flatiron building. It was great! I wish I had an office right on the end of that thing.


That was today. Hope you had a good day too! :)

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