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June 7 - For anyone counting, that's 36 days here!


sunny 31 °C

My goodness, it has been a hot few days. And my roommate still doesn't have the AC running in our apartment. I'm not sure I've ever sweat this much in my life. Even outside, this place just has too much moisture (ew...I hate that word) in the air. It's craziness out here. How do people do this?

So today, I took it easy and went exploring in Manhattan. I found Union Square, and a farmers market.



It was a cute little area, with people selling stuff, people hanging out, people preaching...yeah there were some crazy people there. :) One of my favorite guys I found was trying to sell potato peelers! It was fantastic. The peelers actually looked kinda cool. And if I were in the market for one, well I just might have bought one!


And just across the street from the market there is a big shopping center. But that's no surprise, there is shopping EVERYWHERE in New York.


It was so hot out that I just had to get an ice cream. I just had too!


Than I went home and sat around sweating for the rest of the night! Is it true that you can lose weight from just sweating? Is that why wrestlers are always wearing sweaters and plastic bags to run in so they sweat and lose weight right before a match? I swear I've heard that about sweat! Okay enough about sweat. :)

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June 6 - 35 days

A day of Olympic Runners! YES!


Today didn't start off so great. I had to be at Chris's at 8:00 AM to load equipment for the shoot today. But I didn't hear my alarm and woke up at 7:45!!!! I HATE being late. Really hate it!

Chris wasn't mad at all. I meet him at the location instead of the office to save time. We were shooting in Central Park (one of my favorite places in New York!). Today we shot 3 women runners from the Olympic Marathon team! It was so great to meet them. They were all older than I expected, and of coarse so thin!

We had one assistant with us, and not any lighting equipment, it was all outdoors.

We only had 30 minutes with the athletes to photograph them. That is crazy! That's not much time at all to do a photo shoot for a magazine with very important people in the photograph. Chris was a little stressed out.

But it turned out great! I really like how the photos came out. We were hustling all over the place, and ended up shooting in 3 different places. We were quick! We had a great assistant with us, Joe, who was fantastic. One of the best assistant's I've meet out here. It's so great to learn from them.

Here's Chris shooting the Athletes on a bench!


And than we moved to a cool rock location. Here's Chris again shooting. There was also a videographer there from Runner's Magazine (that's who the photos are for) doing a documentary on one of the runners.


It was a really quick shoot.

After that I went back to the office and found out a lot of information on Tuna! We are shooting a women on Tuesday that got sick from eating tuna fish and Chris wants to get a full size tuna to use as a prop in the shoot! It's a great idea, but so hard to actually find one that's not all chopped up. But I made it happen. So I get to look forward to picking up tuna on Monday! and taking it on the subway! AH I love this job! ...No I really do....it's fun/crazy all the things I get to do.

I'll let you know how the tuna goes!

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June 5 - 34 days...comes after 33 days

A day of shooting


This was a great day for me. I learned a lot.

Today we met for 2 photo shoots with Chris. We had one other assistant with us. We packed up the car (a service car, no one owns cars in the city) and we drove to the studio (a rented studio, no photographers own studios in the city). It was a place called Shoot Digital. A studio where photographers can go to rent space for a day. This one was a pretty good size, with about 5 studios in all, on the 8th floor.

It's pretty fancy too, they already had Chris's name up when we showed up. FUN!


We were in Studio 5.

Here's a photo of the studio space.


And the makeup and hair area of the studio.


And a shot of all the equipment we brought with us. All those black bags on the floor are Chris's equipment. It's not a lot, but all the bags can get quite heavy. Me and the assistants carry all of that! We've all gotten very good at it!


It was fun being there. While the assistant, James, set the photo set up, I went out and got us lunch. By the time I was back, the actress we were shooting, her name was Julie Hagerty, (she was in Airplane, and was the mom in What About Bob? she's so cute!) was there and I went back out and got food for her. You wanna know what famous people order for lunch!? 3 hard boiled eggs! It was fantastic. When she was ordering food, she needed her glasses to see the menu, but she was getting her hair done, so she asked me to get them for her. I got to go into her purse and get them! Yes I know your all jealous! He he!

We shot Julie for New York Magazine. It was a fun shoot. Chris shot film, so it was great to see that, and what the assistants do differently when shooting film, compared to digital. Learned a lot.

After Julie we shot one of Chris's own projects. A smaller shoot, very personal. I liked it.

After that shoot, I had some errands to run for Chris, I had to pick up the Digital Camera for another shoot.

On my way there I found the fancies Best Buy I've ever seen. I could put this photo with the one I found of Home Depot (shown in another blog page) and have the beginnings of a fancy department store photo series! Yes!


That's that! I have one more day for you! :)

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June 4 - 33 Days in NYC

A day of fun with printers and Dan!

Welcome back!

Sorry I haven't written all week, I was really busy this week with photo shoots. We did 3! Plus my two days of office work, make for a long week, but defiantly a fun one!

June 4th which was a Wednesday, was the day I rose above my printer problem. Some of you know of this strange story, some of you don't. For those how don't, I'll enlighten you. Here it goes...

So last week, the printer at the office broke, and I had to take it in to get it fixed. Well the problem was that the place it needed to be taken to was in Brooklyn, quite a ways away from the office in Manhattan. At first my boss said we should take a taxi over to drop it off, but once he found out there was a train (the F train) that went right to the repair shop, the new plan was for me to carry the printer onto the train and take the train there. Well that was fine with me, I didn't think it would be that much of a problem. That's before I picked the printer up! That thing must have weighed like 50 lbs and was a very awkward size and shape! It was crazy! So in the end, I did get the printer there, but my arms just about fell off. I was so tired afterwards. All those stairs and 3 HUGE blocks to walk after the train! Well I survived, but barely!

So this Wednesday rolls around and I have to go back to pick the printer up! Well I was smarter this time. See you live...you carry large things...you learn! So this time, I brought reinforcements!


Yes a box, and wheels to pull it! It was great. Here's me happy as a clam I didn't have to carry that thing!


After my internship that night, I met my friend Dan from Denver. He's married to the adorable Jess, who I worked at Pandora with. Blake, Dan, Jess and I have become very good friends! Dan was here visiting his sister and was so nice to meet me for some food and drinks.

We found this random spot that ended up having some of the BEST food!


And very good drinks.

Here's crazy Dan with a great little sandwich! We all loved it!


Here we all our enjoying our food.


That's his sister Michelle in the back.

Dan was very nice and treated me and his sister to the meal! He's the best!

That was a fun night. I really enjoy going out in New York. If I just had the money to do it! He he!

Thanks for listening. I have more!

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June 2 - 31 Days

A day of Kate and Superhero's


Hello readers!!

Today, my good friend Kate from Denver (many of you know her as the singer in fantastic Denver band, the Hollyfelds) came into town! I was so excited to see her!

I meet her in the Park Slope area. I love this area of Brooklyn. I have been there once before (that day is in the blog - May 6th) and fell in love with the area. Kate used to live there. So she showed me around a bit.

We HAD to go the shop called, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store! (Steph we did it!) - (Jarrod...EAT YOUR HEART OUT!)

It was so crazy.


The store actually uses all of it's proceeds to tutor and teach underprivileged kids. While supplying you with all your superhero needs! How great is that? The store is in front and that tutor center is in the back.

There is some fantastic superhero stuff in this store. You can find everything here, caps, masks, secret identities, etc.

Kate and I tried on some glasses...



And than I found some bottled up powers. This was so funny. My favorite part of the store!


Oh yes, you can get Time Travel and Black Holes in liquid form, in a nice handy bottle. Who knew!? Anyone need any? (Yes Jarrod if you give me a list of things you want, I can finally hook you up with you superhero powers! he he)

This was the greatest...check it out!! E.S.P!


Loved it!

Than Kate and I took our turns in the Devillainizer! Yes it takes away any Villain you might have in you, and it telsl you just how much you Villain you had in you! Kate turned out to be much more Villainy than me!


That's me!


That's Kate!

Last but not lease I give you the "Vow of Heroism" This was posted in the store.


After our time at the Superhero Outlet, we went to a little Mexican restaurant and got some guacamole and chips! Yummy!

As for those who are wondering about what's going on the internship world, I get to attend a photo shoot on Friday, we are photographing the US Olympic Running Team. Pretty exciting stuff! Can't wait. I'll write more later!


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