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June 13 - 42 Days...in Kansas?

Yes I went to Kansas!


Hello Everyone! Sorry it's been awhile since I posted last. It's been a busy week at the office! (Ha that's funny for me to say...)

But I've finally got some time to catch up and fill you in on what's been happening.

Let's start with last weekend. It was so great to take a little trip away from NY. Blake's parents, Julie and Jeff, were celebrating their 25th Anniversary and I got to fly in to Denver and drive to Kansas to see them.

Here's my feet preparing for flight at the Laguardia Airport. I had to get up at 5 AM to catch my flight! GEEZ.


And a girl eating a pastry! He he!

Blake picked me up at the airport and I've never been so happy to see him in my life! And than Jarrod crashed it! (It was hilarious! Good job Jarrod!) Jarrod our friend showed up at the airport, without Blake knowing and ruined our hello moment. Blake was mad, but got over it b/c it was too funny. It was a good prank.

Here's Blake and I driving home from the airport.


I was happy.

Only in Denver for a few hours, we gathered some friends....Dan, Jarrod, Jess...and took off for Kansas. We had the BEST time driving in the car. I think I screamed, "WE'RE ON A ROAD TRIP" for about 30 minutes. It was great to be back with my friends again!

There was some construction on the way there and we were stopped on the highway for about 30 minutes. We got out of the car and played.


I took a picture of me and Jess's feet on the highway!


I love feet pictures!

This is me, Blake and Jess waiting for the traffic to move again! I love this picture. It's so cute!


We all had a blast. And we sang A LOT!

Along the way we found a really neat slide and Blake was kind enough to pull over so we could play on it. This is us running to the slide:


And me going down it!


This is the sunset that we got to see on the road. It was beautiful....you can see all the colors b/c we all know Kansas is as flat as a pancake...some might say even flater!


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June 12th - 41 Thrilling Days Here

The day of catch up


So today was my first day in awhile that I've had a day off work. So there were a lot of things I had to catch up on. I still needed to send a Father's Day card! (It's coming DAD! xoxo) Did everyone remember their fathers!? It's this Sunday!

So I ran around Manhattan, and was supposed to meet a friend for lunch, but she got caught at work, so I dared to try a Shish Kabob from a stand outside of Central Park. Blake's brother, Cameron, told me they were really good!

Here's the street vendor I picked!


Than I found a nice little place to sit and eat right at the beginning of Central Park.


There are always lots of people there from the surrounding office buildings getting out and having lunch. I like to watch all of them walk by.

Here's my Shish Kabob...


It was chicken with BBQ sauce on it. And YES it was good. Very good. I was pleased.


After my lovely meal, I decided to splurge and get a ice cream cone from a very famous ice cream man around here called Mr. Softee. He's big here in New York and he's EVERYWHERE. I have yet to try him out. So I did and it was amazing.


It seems as though these last few entries have had a lot of ice cream in them...but believe me it's very exciting when I get to have one b/c it's so hot. I'll stop taking photos of ice cream. I'll do more exciting things.

I've spent the rest of the day packing for Denver. I'm going back this weekend to see Blake. He and his mom were kind enough to buy me a ticket back. I'm SOOO excited. So the blog will take a little break from New York and get some Denver and some Kansas in it too! I'll report back on the weekend trip!

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Happy Birthday Pandora! I'm sad I can't be there to celebrate! :(

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June 11th - A Fancy 40th Day Here!

Photo Party


So today I spent most of my day in the office with Chris; I did run some errands for him. I got to go the Wall Street Journal office and drop off his portfolio, that was very exciting.

And I learned that on Wednesday Chris is photographing the founder of Peda. You know, the animal rights group. That will be an interesting shoot. I heard the women is crazy! I'm excited.

After the work day, Chris invited me to a photo source book party! For all the don't know, a source book is a big thing in the photo world. It's a book where photographers can buy pages and advertise themselves. So this party was a launch party for a source book called Le Book.


It's one of the major ones. So there were a TON of photography agencies there, and MANY MANY photographers...I saw a few of my favorites!


And lots of big names from the photo world. People from ESPN Magazine, Time Warner, MTV Networks, TIME Magazine, ets. BIG People!


There was 3 rooms set up with portfolio's and lots of treats and wine. It was quite the event.


I got to see some amazing work, and meet some really great people. I talked to an editor from TIME for about 30 mins. It was thrilling. And overwhelming at the same time, but a very good learning experience.

Thanks for listening! and viewing! He he...:)

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June 9th - Are we still counting? It's 38!

99 Degrees in New York! I AM still alive for all those who worried...


So today was a day of first impressions.

If you remember I had to go get tuna for a photo shoot Chris (the boss man) is doing tomorrow. He actually ended up coming with me to secure tuna b/c the neighborhood the fish market was in was not a very good one. Thanks Chris! We took the 6 subway line ALLLLLLLLL the way up to the very tip of the Bronx. It took awhile. And than we walked 17 blocks to get to the market.

This market was HUGE. We were late and missed all the fishy action, b/c the market is open from 12 AM to 9 AM. But I made a special appointment and we got in to see the after math. The fish man we met took us into a big room full of boxes....filled with FISH! The first impression I got of the room was this....


Yes those are fish eyeballs!! And of course the smell....with room full of boxes of fish


Can you imagine the smell! It was wild. I swear I still smell like fish! But that could just be me being paranoid.

Here's one of the lovely fellas we took home.


Than Jose (the fish man) put the two chosen fish into a bag...


and we carried them all the way back to the train and we rod with our two tunas on the subway home. We think people chose not to sit near us, due to the weird fishy smell! MAAMMAHAHAHAHA (that's my evil fish laugh!)

After the fish were safely in Chris's refrigerator, I had to drop of some photo stuff to New York Magazine, from the shoot we did for them the other day, the one of Julie Hagerty.

The first impression I got of New York Magazine was this....


Pretty fancy uh!? That's what you see right when you get off the elevator on their floor. It was fun. I didn't get to meet anyone fancy, just the messenger people, who thought I was someone who worked at the Magazine. Ha Ha...maybe one day! but not today!

While walking home from the magazine. I noticed a few things I really like about the SOHO area of Manhattan. It's a great area, very expensive shopping (that's not what I love about it, I was just describing it to you). Here's what I love: I love the cobble stone streets. There's a lot of them.


I bet the cars don't like them. But I do!

And all the shop windows are so cute. Here was an EXTRA cute one.


So that's today. I started you off with ugly fish faces and finished with cute windows! What a wild ride I just put you through! Hope you loved it as much as I did!

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June 8th - The 37th day here was HOT!

So I got more ice cream


Today was a little uneventful. Sorry! I'll try to be more interesting in the next few days...

I woke up and went out location scouting to find some cool places to photograph around my apartment. Turns out there are not many cool looking places around here. Mostly chain linked fences, fire hydrants and trash! ;) I found some hanging shoes.


And a cute painted fence.


That right there is like the only color or cuteness in about 20 miles of my apartment. He he!

After that I took off to Manhattan to find this Cold Stone ice cream shop that was giving away 8 cent ice cream cones! I was excited. It was so hot and I needed an ice cream, and it was only 8 cents! Sweetness!

It was crazy inside the Cold Stone. So many people there.


Here's me and my ice cream.


Later that day I photographed a young model who found me on the internet. It was fun. Not the best photo shoot I've ever done, but that's okay.

As a side note: If you read the blog entry about the Olympic runners photo shoot that I attended with Chris, I told you there was a videographer there, shooting some footage. If you want to see the video he did, it's here at Runners World

I'm not in it, but the runners are, and Chris, my boss, is in it. You can just pretend that I'm standing right next to him! B/c sometimes I was! It's just cool that I was there!

So that's that. Tomorrow I set off to find tuna for a photo shoot on Tuesday!

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