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June 20th - 49 Days of New York

A wonderful day of photography!

Today was one of my favorites!

I got up and decided to go to the International Center for Photography!


It's one of the most famous museums for photography. They also have a school that is located right across the street from it!

Inside I wasn't allowed to take photos but I had to sneak in a few just to have evidence that I did in fact visit!

Here's one of the exhibits:


The exhibit that was up was called "Heavy Light" which consisted of a group of Japanese photographers. It was amazing! I really enjoyed seeing it!

Here's one of my favorite parts of the exhibit! The series of photos was called "Fairy Tales" but they were so dark, creepy and deep. A great contrast between the concept behind the photographs and the way they were executed. They were by a photographer named Miwa Yanagi. So great. I love these big prints:


After the museum, I was going to meet a model I am photographing. So I had some time to kill and walked around. I ran into this CRAZY lady on the street.


She was wild!

And than I spent some time in one of my favorite parks in Manhattan, Bryant Park. I've written about it before, but I just enjoy it so much. During work hours and lunch time there are always many many people there eating lunch and taking breaks from work.


I just like that everyone sits on tables and chairs instead of the grass. How cute!

Had a great day, I hope you did too! :)

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June 18th - Day 47 - That's a lot

Another fun photo shoot


Hello again!

Today was another fun photo shoot day. The shoot was in another awesome New York studio space, called Jack. We got there and I immediately had to turn around and return a rental car that we had used yesterday to go to New Jersey with. This was a fun experience...DRIVING in New York for the first time!


It wasn't as crazy as I expected.

Here's me behind the wheel!


Don't worry Mom & Dad...the car was NOT in motion at this point! I'm a better driver than that...and smarter too! I was at a stop light and went a little photo crazy. It was a big moment for me! :)


The photo shoot as fun, but a little stressful but I did get to pet and hang out with a baby lamb all day! She was sooo cute!


The studio was cool too. Here's a reflection of me and the New York skyline from some of the glass that they use as doors.


I like how they have to put the word "Glass" on there...maybe so no one walks through it!

This is the view we had from the studio. It was great!


That's it folks...oh...but there's more! Keep reading!


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June 17th - Back in NYC and it's been 46 Days Here

Yes I'm back!


Today was my first day back in New York, and I had a crazy photo shoot with Chris to do in New Jersey. We photographed this group called Kidz Bop. Some of you may have heard of them, but I sure haven't. They are kind of like the Micky Mouse club but a new version of that. We photographed them at a theater they were performing at.


We photographed each of the kids.


Than Chris photographed their dress rehearsal. They were pretty good dancers...I'll give them that.


That's Chris and his assistant in the front.

And here's all the Kidz dancing.


But the BEST story of the day came after the photographing was finished. It was getting late and we were driving back from New Jersey and decided to stop to get something to eat first. We saw this little store, but we weren't sure if they were open or serving food. So Chris decided to run in and see. He was in there for a while and the assistant and I were wondering what was going on. He came back out and announced that, "Yes, they're open, and the food looks pretty good, plus Chris Rock is in there!" We couldn't BELIEVE it! We stop at some random little restaurant in some random little town and we meet a famous comedian! It was awesome. We went in there and shook hands, and talked for about 20 minutes while we all waited for our food. Chris (the photographer) knew Chris Rock b/c he has photographed him a few times. But we stood there and mainly talked about Barack Obama for the duration of our visit. FUNNY! Chris Rock had his little girl there too! She was so cute.

I don't have pictures of this encounter, b/c I don't like bugging celebrities for photos. Just meeting him was enough. It was great! Such a funny story!

Hope you enjoyed it too!

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June 15 - 44 Days - Still in Kansas

Last day of Kansas till I'm back in the NYC


Yes one more day...

We did more swimming today and ate a lot of Julie's yummy pizza.

We did have to leave however to get back to Denver...

On our way out of town we stopped by Dorthy's house. It's the exact replica of her house from the Wizard of OZ! (Katie: I've told you about this...well here you go! It's awesome!)

They also have a huge warehouse you can go into and there are scenes from the movie you can walk through. And of course there is a yellow brick road. Kansas has got so show off something! (Just kidding!)


There's also a Munchkin Playground...


Where there's a face cut out, so you can BE a munchkin yourself. Here's an FANTASTIC picture of Me, Jess E, Jarrod and Dan as munchkin's.


On our way back to Denver we got stopped by traffic again.


So we took pictures and stood around till we got moving again.


It was back to New York for me the next day. But Denver and Kansas treated me well. It was a much needed trip! Thanks friends! ....for a great time! I miss everyone of you...

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June 14th - 43 Days

It would have been 43 Days in New York except I was in KANSAS! YES!

So we arrived in Kansas okay! YAY!

And one of the first things we did was get in Blake's parents pool!

Here's Blake and the pool!


And here's Me and Jess floating...


We had so much fun. It was a nice weekend of relaxing and having fun.

Saturday was the day for Blake's Parents anniversary party! It was great. There were a lot of people there, and tons of food! Blake and Dan cooked 30 steaks! and I don't know how much chicken...Lots!

Jess (Blake's sister...you'll learn that there are a lot of Jess's in my life. Don't get Jess P....Blake's sister confused with Jess E...the cute blond friend of ours) Jess P and Blake put together such a nice party. Jess set up cute tables and pictures of the her parents on their wedding day. The cake was AWESOME! Here is a picture of Jeff and Julie getting ready to cut it, and Cameron sticking his head in! (It was yummy too)


That's my favorite picture...they look so cute!

After the party it was back to the pool! Check out Jarrod doing a crazy Swan Dive!


We spent the rest of the night in the pool and playing Rock Band (but of course not at the same time :) ). Blake's brother Cameron could be a professional Rock Band drum player he is so good! We were all amazed!

What a good day!

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