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June 29th - 58 Lovely Days

Rain and Kickball


Today I went to watch my friend Karen play kickball. I got caught in the rain!


It was fun!

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June 26 - That was 55 Days here!

I'm a little behind! I'll catch you up...


So again I apologize for being so behind on my blog. I had a lot happen in the last few weeks...but I'll catch you up on all of it.

When I flew into New York for the first time on May 3rd, I noticed this HUGE cemetery in Brooklyn as our plane flew over it. It looked so beautiful and it was so BIG and the tombs were amazing that I thought to myself...I have to find that cemetery.

So I did! It's a pretty famous one that covers over 225 acres of land.


I went in the morning, and it was raining just a little bit. It actually made for a nice, peaceful walk.

One of my favorite parts was seeing these neighborhoods of tombs. They are all lined up and there are so many of them.


I also found some really beautiful trees along the way.



As my walk continued, I came upon a sign...a sign directing you down a path...a very sad looking path. The sign read...


I have to admit it was a little creepy and I was a bit scared to take the path of solitude in a cemetery, but it turned out alright.

I actually found a lot of graves that have been turned over or have not been taken care of. There were even some graves that had broken down right in the middle of the path.


After my morning walk, I had to jump on a train and make it into Manhattan to meet a model I was going to be photographing. On my way to meet her, I walked past Wall Street. There was a huge production going on for FOX Business News. Apparently today was a big day for stocks and they were broadcasting right out on the street.


That women you see on the screen is only about 10 feet away from that HUGE screen. It was funny.


So if any of you saw FOX Business News that day, I was right there! :)

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I really am!


Sorry I haven't updated my blog in like 2 WEEKS! That's crazy.

Works been crazy, and Blake was in town for a week, so I've been busy. But I'm going to update it tomorrow! So check it then.



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June 24th - 53 Days here...man it's gettin up there!


Today I traveled to Williamsburg! Which I found out is only like 4 subway stops away from me. This is such a great neighborhood. I really really loved it.

It has a great art scene, and so many nice little shops and great restaurants. I found the mecca of all thrift stores here! It's called JUNK. What a clever name...I just had to got in.


This is what greets you when you walk in the door. It's so fun!


This place is packed with stuff! (Mom you would love it in here...it's like a garage sale on steroids!) So many great dressers and chairs! I wanted to buy everything I saw. They have old records, and vintage typewriters all over the place.


It was fantastic.

Right next door I found a Buffalo Exchange of Brooklyn. YAY! Go Buffalo Exchange. For those that don't live in Denver and don't know about our great second hand store, right across the street from where I live, it's a great place to shop for cheap clothes.


This store was nice, but not as big as the one in Denver. And I really could only walk through for a minute, b/c I can't tempt myself with cute clothes and shoes. NO SHOPPING FOR JESSE!

Right down the street I found this great cathedral.



One of the things I love about walking around New York and Brooklyn is that you can sometimes spot the tops of buildings, or get a sneak peak of the Empire State building when you turn the corner. It's always very exciting to me when I spot them in unexpected places.

Here are the tips of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, peaking over McCarren Park.


I came to Williamsburg to find a good place to do a photo shoot. I'm out here doing some photo work of my own too!

I found some really cool restaurants and this place agreed to let me photograph here on Friday. I'm very excited. I'm just hoping I can find a great model in time! How cool does this place look!?


Plus it's called MyMoon, it's got to be cool.

As I was walking back to subway, I found a bunch of art up. They are always working on buildings around here and they put scaffolding up to work on them. This scaffolding stuff is up everywhere in New York and it mainly has a ton of ads posted to them. But not here in Williamsburg. Here they post art! It was a nice change of pace. And there were some great artists up too. That is one thing I love about this place...art is everywhere!


That's all for today. My feet hurt!


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June 21 - 50! Days filled with fun

Coney Island and Bubble Battles!

So much fun in New York!

It's crazy how one minute you can be in the middle of Manhattan surrounded by buildings and than 45 minutes later, your at the beach. That was my experience today. I started the day with Christina (a roommate here in Brooklyn from Germany), together we headed to Coney Island for a annual Mermaid Parade. We...along with a thousand other people from Manhattan...took the train all the way to Coney Island.


There were LOTS of people there.

The parade (which might be the last one ever...b/c people like Donald Trump want to tear Coney Island down and build condos on it...which is just sad!) took place on Mermaid Ave...very appropriate.


Christina and I were starving when we got there, so before jumping into the madness of the parade, we stopped and got 'Pizza on the Run' (that was the name of the shop! So cute) first.



Than on to the parade! It was quite the sight to see...


And here I am trying to fight my way into the crowd to see it!


There was some crazy people in that parade. It was fun to watch!


Mermaids! And Jellyfish...


Even crazy mean all decked out with colorful parrots and dogs!


After an hour or so of the parade, we decided to find the beach. I was excited. I love the water and the beach.

We found it!


We sat and talked and watched all the people. There were soooo many people on that beach. Wow!


I think Coney Island is funny b/c the amusement park is surrounded by the ocean and by large apartment buildings! Fun.


After our day at the beach, we heard about this fight going on in Times Square...when i say fight, I mean BUBBLE FIGHT!


It was an awesome thing to see. Tons of people and thousands of bubbles in Times Square.


People kept walking by and asking me what was going on..."Is there a celebrity here?" I would answer..."No just bubbles!" I guess bubbles isn't enough for some people...celebrities is the only thing they care about! :)

Bubbles is enough for ME!


While walking back to the subway we came upon another rare sight. Only in New York can you find so many CRAZY things happening in one day. WOW! Here we found a bunch of people doing Yoga in the middle of Times Square. What a place?!


(Sorry if they're hard to see...they are all sitting down!...those crazy yoga people)

Wow...it was a long day, which makes for a long blog. I hope you made it through!


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