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July 5 - 64 Days and another Museum

Dead Dinosaurs!


Today was rainy again. So we decided to go the Natural History Museum. This is the museum that the movie "Night at the Museum" is based off of. A fun fact that we learned is that kids can still stay and sleep over at the museum. They have to buy special tickets and bring sleep over stuff, but you can still spend a 'night at the museum.' FUN!

We walked in and a big dead dinosaur greeted us!


He's awesome.

This museum is pretty big, with lots of animals and history. We saw a huge collection of pictures from the moon landing...the 'so-called' moon landing...HE HE!

This is me contemplating if we actually did land....


We ate lunch at the museum and the clear choice of lunch food was the dinosaur nuggets!



Off to see more dinosaurs...


We did have a little bit of fun with some horns along the way!



Blake looks so much better with horns!

We saw tigers and lions and monkeys and elephants. OH MY!


Here's us leaving the museum...one last museum photo!


As we left the museum, we decided to take a stroll through Central Park. I just love this park. It's one of the best parts of Manhattan.

We saw some REAL animals as we walked!


Cute little turtles.

And we stopped at one of my favorite parts. There are always people taking engagement photos here. It's awesome to watch.


We sat by the water and got ice cream...Blake got blue lips.


Great day!

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July 4th - A 63rd Day to Remember!

Happy 4th! I LOVE fireworks.


It's the 4th of July!

I love today b/c the US sets of Fireworks.

Blake and I started off the day at the MOMA. I was really excited. I have not been to the Museum of Modern Art yet, so I was really happy that Blake wanted to go.


What a cool entry way. They have all this colorful tape down. Makes for fun photos!


There was so much good stuff at the MOMA. We had a great time there. It's 6 floors of awesome art, and it took us awhile to see it all.

This was Blake's favorite piece.


It's pretty great. Love the color.

Blake also found Legos at the MOMA. Excuse me...Lego Bricks.


This was one of my favorite pieces, it was a collection of images, all taken with the photographers shadow present. It was pretty great. A collection of all different photographers, all different photographs.


Blake caught a picture of me in front of a Pollock....


And here's one of Blake in front of one of his favorite artists...who is it again....Mondrian. I think that's it.


The MOMA was great, we both really enjoyed it.

Me as we left the MOMA...


I have to tell you about this present Blake got me! It's totally awesome. He bought us tickets to be on the Empire State building while the fireworks went off. It's the greatest present. There were only 150 people allowed into the building and we were two of them! It was awesome. This is me entering!


On our way up we got our picture taken with King Kong...it was amazing. Oh see and we bought that incredible photo for $20. Sorry I don't have it here...we need to scan it.

We had a choice to watch from the 102nd floor or the 86th. We picked the 102nd. It was amazing.

Here I am...my first time on the Empire State Building.


(I was on the phone with my mom :) )

It's beautiful up there. You can see the whole city and more!


It was a bit rainy that night, but the fireworks were still spectacular!

Blake got some really good pictures of them.


They set them off, n sync from 3 different boats on the East River. It was so cool.


What a great show!

Than we walked out on the 86th floor when they were done and got caught in the rain.


They had music playing, it was a celebration! So we did a little dancing up there too!

If you look hard at this next photo, behind us is the Chrysler Building. It's the big light right behind us.


And at the end of the day, Blake found more Lego Bricks! This time they were made into the Empire State Building. It was great.


I hope everyone had a good 4th! and saw lots of fireworks!

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July 3rd - 62 Days here - 2 with Blake

I can't believe how much we did today!!


Today was jammed packed. We did a lot.

We started off by heading down to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. On the way we ran into the bull....


And some pretty red flowers!


We rode the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Statue.

Ate some sidewalk food! Blake had a shish kabob for Cameron!


Than we decided to be TOTAL tourist and take a tour bus around the city. It ended up being one of the best things we did. We learned SO much about New York and we got to see ALL of Manhattan. It was awesome!


That's me on top of the bus!

When everyone started taking pictures of the Manhattan Bridge, I turned around and took pictures of them taking pictures! :)


We got to see the UN...


But decided not to get off the bus and take a closer look. But when we drove pass the NBC building and Blake saw 'Scrubs' in the window...we HAD to stop! :)



I bought him his very own pair of Scrubs scrubs! They are awesome.

Than I took pictures with a Gladiator...


(I was imitating him!)

And look LAUREN!! I found the brief case girls!!!


I almost fainted I was so happy!

After the store, we got back on the bus and learned a lot more about New York. We saw the spot that John Lennon was shot and killed...


It's right were that little sign is.

And we saw the only apartment building in Manhattan that has a parking lot! The apartments apparently go for millions b/c they have a parking lot.


We saw beautiful HUGE churches, this one took up the WHOLE block.


They are renovating this church and it took them 3 years just to put the scaffolding up! CRAZY!


There was a lot of scaffolding up on that thing.

When the bus passed the MET, Blake and I jumped off, just in time to have about an hour at the MET before it closed.

Here's Blake in front of the MET can you find him...it's like Where's Waldo...but Where's Blake instead!


I ran him through the museum and showed him the highlights. It was a fast tour...but it was fun.

Here's Blake and Van Gogh...


And me and Monet...


After the MET we waited to catch another one of our tour buses. Here's me waiting in front of the MET


We stopped in Brooklyn to see the new Waterfalls that have been put up by a Dutch artist around town. There are 4 all together. They're pretty cool. The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge are in the back ground behind us in this one.


We took 3 different tour routes, one for lower Manhattan, Upper Manhattan and than we did the night tour. We sure did get our moneys worth!

Seeing Times Square from up above is so much cooler than from ground level.


We took a walk around Time Square and went into the Hershey's Store, where I tried to take a bite out of the largest Hershey's bar in the world!


That night we also saw Wall-e the best movie ever! I loved it. And I cried. If you haven't seen it...go!!!

Wow that was a long one we did A TON! Hope you enjoyed. We did!

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July 2 - 61 Days and Blakes HERE!

Blake's 1st day of his visit


So today was a great day! It's the day Blake came out to visit me!

I met him at the airport, it was so good to see him.


We were so hungry that we actually had dinner right there in the airport. It was funny.

Than we took off to Time Square.


It's funny b/c we ended up doing a lot of things that I did on my first few days in New York, but they seemed to be so much more fun with Blake here. I was so happy he came to visit. :)

Walking around Time Square you can always find the crazy people. That night we found a lady taking photos with a snake. She had to pay to take the picture from the guy who owned the snake. People can make money in the craziest ways!


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June 30 - 59 Days and A Dead Duck

Yes a dead duck...don't read this one if your feeling sick! :)


Hello again!

Today was another photo shoot day with Chris Buck. This was a really fun, but long day at the studio.

I love it when we walk into places and we see signs up with Chris's name on them. It's just kinda funny and unnatural. But it makes us feel important. he he


We got there and starting getting things ready and within minutes of setting up Chris turns to me and says, "How do you feel about buying a duck?"

I say, "The same way I feel about buying dead tuna...I'm okay with it!" (We both laughed)

So he sent me out on a mission to find a dead duck with its feet and head still attached. He wanted to use it in the photo that day.

So I headed down to Chinatown, b/c you can buy just about anything there!

I found a few stores that looked like they might have duck but this one seemed best.


And so that's where I found my duck.


Pretty gross uh? Yeah! And I had to carry that thing around town. Well he was in a bag, but it was still a dead duck in a bag. People kept running into me on the street and I kept saying to myself, "DEAD DUCK here people, coming through! Watch OUT!"

It was very entertaining!

Chris's photo with the duck came out great. If it gets put in the magazine, I'll let you know!

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