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July 12th-A Lazy day of games with Jess and Karen

Still hanging out with friends


Today Jess, Karen and I decided we would try to make a trip down to Coney Island. And instead we never made it out of Karen's apartment. We made our own fun.

We had a great big breakfast, and played games and tried on wigs all day. Just being silly.

Here's Karen with our first game we played. Hi Karen.


Jess, left alone to find her own fun, decided go make armored suits out of tin foil for Karen's decorative penguins. Nice job Jess!


Here Karen and I try on wigs. I defiantly think blue is my new color.



Leave it to Jess to put something else on her head besides a wig.


And get antsy and climb up walls. That girl is crazy!


Then we decided to take a trip outside the apartment walls and go to Karen's friend Mikey's birthday party in Queens. Its a big long subway trip to Queens from Brooklyn and so we got dropped off in Manhattan to catch a train for our trip to Queens.

In Manhattan we found ourselves face to face or should I say feet to face with Hell Boy. It was a pretty cool advertisement.


We finally made it to Queens and Mike's party. After grabbing a yummy bite of pizza at a local Queen's pizza shop, and scrabbling to find water and chocolate at a supermarket.

This is Mike and Karen, hanging out on the cement playin games.


I think Jess is sad because she is losing.


This is our team really getting into it. We had a team meeting and these are our game faces during our huddle.


What a fun night!

I want to add a side note here. I forgot to tell you all about our adventure with Karen's kickball team. Jess and I decided to get all dressed up in tattoos and tank tops sporting Karen's name and go cheer for her at the game. It was pretty fun. Here is a picture of my favorite tattoo that I sported during the game.


We cheered hard.

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July 11 - A New Jess In New York

Jess Eaton Comes to Visit!


Hello Blog Readers!

I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Jess Eaton!


She's a little crazy.

Jess is one of my best friends in Denver. She's originally from Syracuse New York, and has come out to visit for her birthday! I'm sooo excited to have her here!

I welcomed her to Brooklyn with cupcakes!


Jess is only here for a few days so we have lots to see and do.

We went to Central Park for our first outing!


That's smily Jess in the big Park in the city.

We spent most of the day in Central Parking lying on the grass talking and of course crocheting! We did take a quick nap as well.

It was a sad day when we tried to get some lunch from a hot dog stand and got totally ripped off. We spent about $10 on a drink and a hot dog. Now listen, it's not like this is my first time at a New York hot dog stand. We all know I've had my far share of New York hot dogs on this journey of mine. But I have never spent more than $2 on a dog! I was pretty sad. Jess wasn't too happy with the overpriced hot dogs either.

Other than that, it was a beautiful day in New York!


Jess was able to show me the Alison in Wonderland in Central Park, I've never been able to find it. It's a pretty famous statue.


I was pretty excited.

We also watched all the kids drive the motor boats around the pond. One day I'll be able to drive my own motor boat in the Central Park pond.


Later, for dinner we met up with our good friend Karen in Brooklyn. Jess and Karen have been good friends since college, I met Karen through Jess. Small world.

On our way to the restaurant we looked up and saw this crazy sign!


The best part of the sign is that "spouse signature not required!" So you can go ahead and get a divorce without your partner even knowing about it! Too funny

After dinner with met up with some of Karen's friends at a concert in Brooklyn at Prospect Park. There's always something fun to do in Brooklyn.


We listened to some great music and danced a lot!


We even got a little crazy with some glow sticks!


We had a great time. We actually ended up dancing our way out of the park, singing songs and raving with glow sticks the whole way. We ended up on top of a friends roof singing old songs at the top of our lungs looking out on all of Brooklyn. It was one of the best nights I've had here in New York!

Thanks Ladies!!

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July 10th - French Culinary Institute

No food, but a famous chef makes an appearance!


My good friend Josh from Salt Lake is graduating today! He has been out here in New York for almost a year now going to school at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. A very good school!

It's been great to have Josh here in New York, a friendly face from home is always nice. We've had some fun times here.

I joined his mom at the graduation ceremony today.


This is Josh accepting his official certificate, he can now call himself a chef.


And as a new chef he got to put on his first GIANT chef hat. So cute!


Signed on the top as to not be put on the wrong chef head! :)


After the ceremony Josh took us on a tour of the school. Pretty neat place. Lots of stainless steal kitchens.

I have to say one of my favorite parts of the day was finding out that Josh was walking in the footsteps of my culinary crush Bobby Flay!

The school has a wall of famous chefs hand prints that have graduated from the Institute! So naturally I had to put my hands in Bobby Flay's hands!


The highlight of my relationship with Bobby Flay!


(this crush thing is just a school yard crush....nothing to be worried about)

I than got to try on Josh's chefs hat, just to see how it looked!


I'm so glad I was able to be there for Josh's Graduation. He's such a good friend and I'm so happy I was there to see him finish. Congrats Josh!

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July 7th-My Last Day with Blake

sunny -17 °C

Today Blake and I ventured into Red Hook Brooklyn to have our first Ikea experience!

Here's Blake in front of the very colorful Ikea building.


We walked in and there was a display of the New York Skyline made from Ikea boxes! It was pretty funny.


Walking around Ikea we wanted to buy everything! But we didn't...so we just tried out all the fake stuff they put in the rooms to make it look fancy and real.


That's me at the fake computer!

Later in the day I took Blake to one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn and one that has been mentioned before...the Super Hero shop!


Blake looks so good in his super hero pose!


I'm not sure why Blake's so sad while trying on this cape, maybe it's b/c it's a cape he bought for Jarrod and couldn't keep for him self! Enjoy Jarrod, you made Blaker sad. :)

This was our day to spend in Brooklyn, so than I took Blake to one of my favorite parks, Prospect Park.

This is us in front of the famous arch (second to the one in Paris of course) the Grand Army Plaza Arch.


Walking up to see Prospect Park I found my favorite Brown Stone house in Brooklyn! It's pink! This sparked a heated conversation between Blake and I about the actual definition of a Brown Stone House.


After the park there was only one last place to show him, the Junk Store in yet another part of Brooklyn. We saw quite a bit of Brooklyn in just one day!

Here's sad Blake again waiting for the subway to come take us to the Junk.


He's sad face is so funny...and cute.

At the Junk store Blake and I found lots of old and random photos in a tub. We enjoyed looking through them.



The last stop of the day was the famous restaurant Juniors in Brooklyn. Made famous for their Cheesecakes.


We had dinner, then decided to go to a movie and eat our dessert (cheesecakes, duh) in the movie! It was fun and very yummy!

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July 6th - 65 Days with more Pizza!

And Seinfeld!


Today was a great day.

I bought us tickets to go on a tour with the REAL Kramer from Seinfeld. You know that awesome show on TV. Blake loves that show.

The real Kramer lived across from Larry David (the writer of Seinfeld) for something like 6 years, and many of the stories that show up on Seinfeld came from stories of them as friends.

It was really cool to learn some behind the scenes stuff from Kramer. He took us on a tour of some of the most famous places that appear on the show.

Like the soup kitchen...where the famous Soup Nazi is from...


It was fun being on the bus, b/c he showed us footage of the show and told us stories about all the funny things about Larry being his neighbor.


Our last stop was the actually restaurant that they go eat at all the time. The inside of the restaurant looks nothing like what you see on tv but the outside sure does.

Here's a us with the REAL Kramer.


He was awesome.

After that we made our way back to Brooklyn to go eat and walk the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here's us on the subway...


I love that one!

Here's Blake taking his first steps over the Brooklyn Bridge.


It was the first time either of us had been on it. It's so beautiful up there!



On the other side, we got pizza (the best pizza on the planet! Blake will testify) and ate some really awesome ice cream (the best of Brooklyn apparently). It was a great night!

Than we walked back over the bridge and subwayed home!

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