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July 21-July 22 Road to Weird Al

And Pennsylvania


Today is the day we drive off to find Weird Al in Pennsylvania. We actually had to rent two cars, one that I would drive with Chris in the passenger seat, the second would be driven by Chris's assistant Joe, on board with the hair stylist, makeup artist, and prop stylist.

Chris and I left early because we had to scout the location. Our drive to Pennsylvania was a good one. Chris said he was surprised at what a good driver I was. Why Chris? I don't know, but I am quite an amazing driver! Even for a girl. :)

We arrived in Scranton, Penn and found the "castle" that we were going to set up the shoot at in no time. Even though it was raining pretty hard, Scranton still looked like a pretty cute town. (On the phone with my brother, he was so excited that I was in Scranton because the Office is filmed here! New information to me, but pretty fun!)

Here is the Masonic Temple that Weird Al is performing at. He is doing a college town tour, doing stand up. We will be photographing him in the same temple for Wired Magazine.


The temple was so great. We got to tour it and see the most inner workings of the building. The bathrooms and changing rooms, where performers changed, were my favorite parts. I really wish I had photos of these areas but I wasn't able to take any.

This building was now a big performance space, where lots of big acts like Cats, and many other performances come to play. This building was HUGE and full of great places to photograph Weird Al. Chris and I took notes on our tour and later figured out exactly where we were going to shoot, as to save time on the day of.


Here's the engraving for the temple. It was a pretty cool building.

After scouting, we checked into our hotel and decided to eat sushi for dinner. Insert famous story about Chris Buck and urchin here! Man it was a great story, if you ever want to hear it, let me know.

Long story short...or not really told at all, we ended up not eating sushi and getting some gross American food instead. Bummer.

The next day we got up early and had breakfast. We also decided to walk around the little town of Scranton and scout some more. Just in case Chris found another location that he really liked.

Here's a street view of the cute town.



There are so many beautiful old buildings in Scranton. This one had awesome vines all the way up it.


During our walk around town Chris got a call from the the Art Director of Wired to talk about the shoot. We had to take a pit stop while he talked and jotted down info/directions of the shoot.


I think that photo of him is pretty funny. Just some random stoop that he stopped at. :)

Here's another photo of Chris in Scranton, I guess he knew a PJ and that's why he's excited about this sign.


After our walk we met up with the assistant and other photo crew members to start setting up the shoot. The shoot went really well and Chris took some really good photos of Weird Al.

Weird Al was a really nice guy and not as crazy and wild in real life as he is in his movies.

The first and really only thing he said to me was that I looked a lot like an ex-girlfriend of his and that it freaked him out a little. It was pretty funny. I assured him that I was not "Stephanie" and there was no reason to be scared. :)

I knew that Blake is a big Weird Al fan and so I asked Chris if it would be okay if I took one of his test Polaroids from the photo shoot and got Weird Al to sign it for me. Weird Al did and it was a great gift to give to Blake.

It was a really fun and stressful shoot that turned out great. Here is one of the finished products that ended up in Wired Magazine.

(Photograph by Chris Buck)

I was standing to the left of Weird Al when this photo was taken! Pretty exciting.

After the photo shoot, we packed up and drove all night back to New York. I had to drop off the car to the rental place. We had to drive to Boston the very next morning so the assistant left all the photo equipment in his car and parked it in a secure parking lot near Chris's Manhattan apartment.

I only got about 3 hours of sleep before I was up and on the Subway again to pick up the car for our journey to Boston.

What a crazy couple of days.

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